EXPOSURE is the pioneer of curated market in Yogyakarta held by Management’s Events from Faculty of Economics and Business, Universitas Gadjah Mada.


EXPOSURE aims to accommodate young entrepreneurs to reach their customers through integrated events, that goes beyond a mere fashion, food, and lifestyle curated market, but also as a creative platform; where people and creative makers gather to share their interest amidst unique ambience and experience.






EXPOSURE 2017 is a 3 day pop up market held by Management’s Events from Faculty of Economics and Business. It strives to escalate awareness of high quality local brands, both start-ups and established ones, that are creative, innovative, and original by giving them a chance to expose their products to a larger market.


As a platform for local creatives, EXPOSURE 2017 provide opportunity for aspiring local musician to showcase their talent. With hope of being exposed to public, it will upsurge their creativity to strive in Indonesia creative industry.


Located in East Parking Lot of Plaza Ambarrukmo, there will be more fun and goodness, from newly-concepted food trucks and spots to express visitors’ creativities.


By joining workshops, participants would be able to express their interest in craftsmanship and hone their skills and creativity. Ranging from arts to entrepreneurship workshops, participants will experience first-hand knack from specialized artisan and experts while sharing their interests with others.


Offering aesthetic and utilities, art corner will be displayed throughout the event. Onlookers may obtain in-depth understanding about EXPOSURE 2017 theme while gaining more insight about art and craft from art corner collaborators.



The main idea comes from a “standard” deck of playing cards. Such can portray our life through intriguing and captivating way. Life has its beautiful moments. The kind that stay with you for a lifetime, and never fail to put a smile on your face when reminiscing. Sadly, there is a flipside. Life can also be sinister and tragic.


EXPOSURE interprets “Ace of Spade” as the one who is mysterious and conflicted. The card itself means challenge and change, also portrays both the beginning and the end. Therefore, it always seek a way to balance the imbalance.


Have you ever notice? The dots upon the cards, there are 365, the number of days in a year. There are 52 cards in a deck, the number of weeks. There are also 4 suits—spade, heart, club, and diamond—that represent human nature. Each of the card has it own charm and characteristic, thus, can also reflects human being distinct personalities.


“Ace of Spade” is not a fairytale.

It is our story—in the alternate universe.








Phone  :

Tenant & Talent Relations

+6281703131616 (Nadya)

+6281228899969 (Lovi)



+6281393554334 (Atika)


Email  : exposuremarketyk@gmail.com

Instagram : @exposure_yk


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